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on Monday, 23 September 2013. Posted in News

shopping cart using multiple api's

shopping cart using multiple api's


What started as a small php shopping cart, grew and eventually graduated to a fully fledged php cart using 4 external API's to complete any given order.

The client logs in having his/her credentials verified by a cloud erp system (salesforce).

 Using json all products are displayed.

Calling Avalara all taxes are incorporated and the order is made.

A direct call to paypal clears any credit/paypal payment while a final call to cloud intacct informs the accounting package and invoices are issued.

The client just sees the ok form while the whole business process is transparent to client and employees.

The project started the beginning of the summer and we went live just a few days ago.

Great project and an amazing experiense as far as a companies expertise is concerned.


Tech used: php, js, mysql

APIs used: Salesforce api, avalara api, paypal api, intacct api.

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  • Aaron Moloney

    Aaron Moloney

    23 September 2013 at 10:50 |
    Very impressive! Well done. Great company with great staff.


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